Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wow, With All This Plagerism Going Around...

I wondered how The Plagerism Singer was so thoroughly caught in her secretive plagerism of not one, not two but 4 other bloggers material. Here's exactly how they caught her! Unbelievable! At first I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt but Man, they actually caught her in the act!!! Multiple Times!

Here's how to protect yourself from plagerism and also how they caught The Story Siren back in January. Read the bloggers whose material was stolen and protect yourself!

I'm sorry if this sounds nasty but there is one thing I cannot stand or abide and that is plagerism. Especially by someone that new bloggers look so highly upon. Sure, we can say it was a mistake but we all know it had be intentional. It was done on the sly to numerous bloggers on the site so she must have known something about it was wrong. And that something is called Plagerism. For Shame!

Real apologies and owning up to what you did as wrong is the right thing. Saying what you did was a mistake insults everyone's intelligence. If anyone should know better, it's a blogger who not only gives advice to new bloggers but has been blogging herself for over 4 - 5 years.

Take this as a warning that your original content isn't always as safe as you may think it is.


  1. This is sad. Really. I've been trying to keep quiet, but I hate this. I don't think anyone should be forgiven for stealing someone elses content. Just wrong.

    It's a shame we can't share and not worry about someone stealing out words. Shame.

    1. I was going to keep quiet too but then I thought I was just as bad as her. As if I didn't say anything then that either made me afraid of her or that I condoned it.
      I'm neither of those things.

      I'm glad you had something to say, Mel :o]

  2. This is a timely post, as my 'advertising' for my latest novella was plagiarized by another author. When he was called on it, the person who discovered his indiscretion, informed me that his comment was:
    "Perhaps :) However, since every word spoken has already been spoken, everyone is plagiarising someone..." and then he thanked him for looking at his ad! LOL

    Sadly, some people don't care and unless you're willing to charge them [and they are betting you're not] they will continue.

    I would love to see people who intentionally steal content, ideas etc... black-listed from the forums they are involved with.

    Thanks for sharing this post and reminding us we need to be careful, not only with what we write, but also to protect our original content.

    1. If you clicked on the red link, you can see how the 4 different bloggers were able to catch her on many occassions going on their blog and removing information.

      They show how she did it step by step using her doing it. It was quite sneaky and done late at night.

      What bothered me the most was her concern over losing Authors and Publishers. Her followers were the least of her concerns, why should they be, she already has the numbers.
      She never admited to outright plagerizing, either, acting as if going to someones site on the sly was a 'mistake' and she really didn't think of it as plagerizing...c'mon!

      All I can say is I wonder what else she's snagged and if she's busy cleaning out her blog as we speak. I wonder if PJ has checked out her site?

    2. I also wanted to express how deeply sorry I am for the putz that stole your advertising for your novella and then was so blase' and insulting about it. You should name some names!

      Plagerizing, stealing of someone elses material,etc... is not cool, it's not right, it's slimy, sneaky and just shows that that person doesn't have anything intelligent to say so they steal it from other. In your case, he didn't have the creativity. Actually, both of them lack creativity.

      So, I am very sorry for what you went through.

  3. It's just who it was I think that has everyone shocked. And that she calls it a mistake. How do you mistakenly copy someone else's work? It was intentional and if she'd own up to that, she'd have my respect, well a little more. As it stands, I'm sure she's more worried about her free books than what other bloggers think of her. But because of who she is, she's put a huge black mark on the reputation of all book bloggers. Thanks for that!


    1. Right on SFAM! A few steps back for bloggers everywhere.

      You know it wasn't a mistake if you read the highlighted text in my post-it will take you right to everything the Plagerizing Singer did. It was most definitely intentional.

      Great points, Heather, I couldn't agree more.

  4. I pity the fool that wants to plagiarize me. Seriously dude... I can't write my way out of a paper bag and you would want to steal my stuff? As far as I know it hasn't happened to me yet, but has happened to several people I know. Geeze... get a life, open a book and then say what you think about the book. How hard is that? People always know how to astound me with their greediness. :(

    1. Melissa, You are WAY to humble! I loves your writing,your style and your flare!

      The more people are called out on it, the less people will do it.

      This person took some higher end material from a really great blog and claimed it as her own in her 'How to be a better Blogger' or something of that nature.

      It's like the teacher who everybody loves that does something 'icky' on the side.. while railing against such behavior.
      It's called 'Double Speak' or in simpler terms lying. Not caring about her followers but panicking at the thought that she would lose publishers/authors, etc... shows you were her mind is at.

      I've been to her blog twice-the first time I couldn't find my way around the advertising and found very few reviews-I never went back. The second time was to read the most god-awful pathetic excuse of an apology where she still DIDN'T accept responsibility.

      Any 'negative' comments were being weeded out. Hmmmmm... so all you want to hear are the newbies saying "Oh Plagerism Singer, we know you didn't do it on purpose" when there's a clear cut, step by step process showing her IP addy going in and downloading information multiple times. They have actual proof and if you click on the red link in my post, it will take you right there step by step. So she can handle all the 'please pity me for I know not what I do' crap but when people start asking questions she doesn't want to answer she deletes them. I think people have a right to ask those questions, it has affected each and every one of us.

      It's hard enough to be taken seriously but when somebody does something like that it takes us back 5 steps.

      I'm curious to see what else she's plagerized-She did it 5 mo. ago and got away with it [or so she thought] and I'm sure it's happened before.

      Great points as always, Melissa

  5. *snorts*

    I'm LOLing all over Melisa's comment because I feel the same about my writing. English and me don't get along.

    I've been trying to avoid all the back and forth 'drama' and name calling. I think that takes away from the most important aspect of all of this, which is, as you said, that plagiarism is wrong and you should own up to and be responsible for your own actions.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I don't abide by name calling in any situation but being called a Plagerist is bad enough especially when there's loads of truth behind it.

      My point is this: Do we sweep it under the carpet and pretend it never happened? or Do we stand up as a hard working group who takes 'pride' at being original and say "Hey, this so doesn't fly-you make us all look bad."

      I heard from a big birdie that she's already been called on the carpet for some other things she's managed to 'borrow' without the original authors permission and this should be coming out soon. This is one chicky poo she shouldn't have messed with.

      I just don't get why? What the reasoning is? She could have easily said I got this from.... but some people want others to think that they're all knowing so they steal others work and look where that got her?
      Be silly, be funny, be intelligent, be shy but find yourself! Never never ever steal from someone. My mother would crack me a good one of she were alive and I did something like that!