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Indie Love with P.T. MICHELE!

Brilliant Author P.T. Michelle is here visiting The Faery for Indie Love and she's my very first guest! Patrice wrote one of my favorite novels, Brightest Kind of Darkness and she is graciously here to talk with us all! Up for grabs is an e-copy for international giveaway and a print book for US only!
Not only an absolute beeeyoootefuul cover but what's inside is even better.

Here's Patrice now! Thank you so much for being here, can't tell you how excited I am!


P.T. Michelle is the young adult pseudonym of Patrice Michelle, author of fifteen romance novels and novellas. When P.T. isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading or taking pictures of landscapes, sunsets and anything beautiful or odd in nature.
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Hi Kristi,

Thanks so much for inviting me to be a guest on your The Book Faery blog.

Many readers have asked me about the mythology I used in BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS. I think Ethan definitely has many readers baffled. Heh, it warms my heart that he's such a mystery. Who doesn't like an enigma?

What I will say about BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS is that the bones of the BKoD series is based on existing mythologies that are morphed and layered to create a unique mythology in Ethan and Nara's world. The BKoD series is about good and evil, about black and white...and gray areas too. It's about standing up for who and what you believe in, even if you're not sure of the outcome. It's about trusting your instincts, battling weaknesses, and choosing the difficult path with the hope you'll walk away better for the journey. Navigating fate's murky waters while staying on destiny's course won't come easily for Nara and Ethan, for many players will stake claims in their lives. Ultimately love, loyalty, sacrifice and the choices they make will determine if they make it through.

Here's a short excerpt from BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS...

History class was right next door to Homeroom, so I always got there before most everyone else. Pulling out my thick History book, I opened to the section we’d be lectured on today. I never studied (at least not for any school subjects. Teaching myself Latin was a whole other story), but I needed to at least “appear” studious, considering I had a 99 average. Once my desk was set up, I turned to the important stuff—jotting down notes about the rest of my day.

When I couldn’t find my purple ballpoint pen, I remembered that I’d used it to write down the phone number on the Caller ID from my dream—just in case the phone company wouldn’t let me block all unsolicited calls. My favorite pen was on my nightstand instead of where it would normally be, sitting in the third slot in my backpack.

Frowning at the empty slot, I began to dig deep into the bottom of my backpack, even though I knew I wouldn’t find a pen. I hated loose pens, change or anything for that matter, rolling around in the bottom of my backpack. I had a pencil, but writing a note on my hand was impossible with No 2 lead.

I was frantically searching every single zipper, pocket and crevice in my backpack when someone set a blue pen on my desk and kept on walking.

I watched Ethan take his seat at the back of the classroom and open his notepad. He didn’t look up or acknowledge what he’d done in any way. Instead, he retrieved a pencil from inside the pad’s spiral binding and immediately began to run the dark lead across the paper, completely engrossed.

The blue ink slid across my skin like silk as I wrote the couple of things I wanted to recall on my palm. I never wrote down answers to test questions. My dreams always seared those into my memory. Mostly I just noted other stuff that I didn’t want to forget or situations I wanted to avoid. Like coming out of third period today and seeing Lainey whisper something in Jared’s ear as he grabbed her around the waist. She had stayed after practice yesterday to watch the football players. I’d felt so crappy after letting so many shots into the goal that I’d just gone home.

I wrote two things:
Take long way to 4th pd.
Send flowers.

Curling my fingers closed, I looked up to see Ethan watching me, pencil paused over his paper. I’d never seen him with a pen. From what I could recall, he’d always used a pencil, which meant he knew I was looking for my pen, because…

He’d watched me write on my hand every day.

I hope you'll give BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS a try so you can enjoy the roller coaster ride. :)

Coming Spring 2012 LUCID


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  1. WOw beautiful covers! Well done.

    This sounds like a great book! Loved the excerpt!

    1. It's a fantastic book, Bonnie and I'm so excited for Lucid! Maybe if I'm lucky she'll let me have an ARC to review

  2. The covers are to die for! & the rafflecoptor there is an option to embed & it gives you the code. Hopefully you can fix that.


    1. Hiya Lisseth,

      I got it but I previewed it and it looked lovely then I went back and saved it. When I went back to my blog it wasn't there!

      Now it's here! Ridiculous how hard they make it. I'm sorry the rafflecopter was down when you were here, that's not fair-I hope you'll come back :o]

      Yes, the covers are gorgeous but what's in between them is unbelievable. I was so pleased whe Patrice said yes to this, she's one of my favorite Authors and I would love to see you read Brightest Kind of Darkness. Everyone should read it, it's brilliant! It's scary, supernatural, romantic, thrilling, mysterious... so many things but you never get bored or confused- you just get a bad case of 'I can't put this downitis!" Think I like the book just a tad? LOL!

  3. I hope I win the copy of BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS bc it sounds so good :) thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I loveee the first cover, it seems kind of mysterious.
    The excerpt was soooo sweet! I loved that!!! He watched her every day! Which in my opinion, is NOT creepy, because its more sweet than anything else. <3 <3 <3 that was a nice excerpt, it put a smile on my face :D
    Thank you!!!
    Alyssa Susanna

    1. The covers are gorgeous! I'm truly not a Cover Lover [I always say that,LOL] but if the reviews are good or the synopsis grabs me then I'm all for admiring a cover.

      Brightest Kind of Darkness has the awesomeness to fill those beautiful covers and I cannot wait for Lucid.

  5. I love the covers and the exerpt that is posted has me wanting to read more already.

    Thank You for the giveaway

    1. Your quite welcome! Best of luck to you :o]

    2. ugh...I just noticed I posted my e-mail wrong *headdesk* it's drakenfyre75[at]msn[dot]com

  6. I have the ebook of TBKOD. I can't wait to dive in. I am so glad there is a second book and I hope to have both! :)

    1. Enter the giveaway, me darlin' and you could have a print copy :o]

  7. Oh I remember seeing these books, and loving the covers! And the sounds of these book.

    Great post! And thanks for sharing the books with us. :)

    1. I think that was me, whisperin' in your ear! I loved it so much when I read it I raved on but I didn't do a review on my blog because I was waiting for Indie Love - then I got sick- yada blah yada but my review will be on here on Monday and yes, I'll warn you it will be gushing! One of my favoritest books of all time

      Good luck, Melissa! I really want you to read this GEM as I do everyone else of cours!

  8. I've heard some many good things about this book! I really reallyyy want to read it!!

    I don't have an e-reader but I'd die if I won the paperback of this book!!

    Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway! <3

    Ugh that excerpt though!! It's got me hooked!! I want to know more! Ahhh!! Sounds like Ethan may have a little crush. Mowr! ;]

    1. If you win, I'll make sure you get a print copy as long as you're in the US! I'll do that for anyone that doesn't have an e-reader that wins Patrice's e-copy meaning that the second person to win an e-copy will be the winner and I'll pick up the print copies. I was going to do just one but if someone wins the e-reader copy, I'll buy another Print for that person and the second winner will win the e-copy.

      Obviously, for financial reasons, I can't do that for everyone but I'll do it for the first winner of Patrice's first winner and of course, my winner will already be getting a print copy. I'll just pick up two, instead.

    2. Aww that's awfully kind of you to do! Totally understandable though! Ohh and yeah I am in the US. ;] There are too many good books out or coming out. It's hard to contain my excitement for them all!

      Thanks again for being wonderful!
      *crosses fingers*

  9. love the excerpt. so sweet. <3 ethan