Saturday, June 11, 2011

GAH!!! Now I'm really back! Lets Celebrate!

Apparently my harddrive didn't have the 6 months left that the tech thought it did!

My laptop which is under 2 years old crashed but the tech was able to save most of my info. I just got it back. I mean---SERIOUSLY!!! This has been a really whacked out month but being the eternal optimist that I am I've decided to CELEBRATE!

I'm holding a GIVEAWAY!

I'd like to know just what would you do with your time if you didn't blog, FB or Tweet, etc... What would you do?

The THREE winners can choose any books they want under $20.00 from, Barnes & Noble or The Book Depository. This is an International contest!

So, tell me what you would do if you were without a computer for 14 days and be real, I want you to really think about it!

PUT YOURSELF IN MY SHOES! Mine were 6 inch stiletto's that felt about 3 sizes to small and I wasn't able to take them off---ever! :o] Can you say En Pointe?

  • If You're not already a follower, Please do so!
  • You don't have to Tweet it but it would help get the word out and earn you an extra chance :o] I'm going on the honor system 

The winners will be decided by

Good Luck Everyone AND Oh, BTW  -------->

There just may be a SURPRISE on Wednesday that should make someone VERY HAPPY!

I end the contest on Wednesday and then I'll announce the winners.

It's good to be back and I will pray that none of you ever have to wear those awful shoes!


  1. I would probably do three things. First, I would do a full cleaning of my apartment. There is always something that needs to be done with a 2 year old around. Second, I would, obviously, read even more! If I'm going to have to be without a computer, I am darn well going to read. Finally, I would probably do some writing. It seems as if I never have time to write aside from reviews anymore, so I'm long overdue. If those three things don't keep me busy/entertained, I don't know what will!

  2. Glad your back! :) Thanks for the great giveaway :)

    Wow! What would I do if I didn't blog, tweet etc.... Lol Well I know I'd get a lot more house work done that's for sure. Lol Firstly, clean both cars...its needed. Catch up on all the TV programmes I've missed over the past 8 months... and I'd read ALOT more! Lol. If that all fails, then I think I'd have to take up a hobbie...crafts or card making or something to keep me from going crazy. Lol Donna :)

  3. I also lost my computer for a time! It wouldn't charge up anymore, but at least I had my boyfriend's computer to use. Glad you're back up and running!!!

    Anyway, I think I would clean up my house, crochet a blanket, and watch all the episodes of Angel that Netflix has to offer :o)

    Imabookshark @ yahoo . com

    Mickey @

  4. Oh, gosh.

    Well, honestly, I can see myself wasting a whole lot of time doing nothing. Really, I would sit on the couch, maybe watch some TV, listen to some music and do... nothing. Except reading - I would be reading no matter what. I admire the people above that would get more work done. Although I like to say I just don't have enough time, I'm probably just too lazy to actually do it, LOL. *sigh* I feel pretty pathetic right now... maybe I'd actually go do stuff? With real people? Nah.


  5. I think I'd spend a lot out time reading, preferably outside on a nice comfy blanket in a patch of grass and sunshine. Or the beach! Or else I'd go camping! If I was stuck inside I'd probably clean or catch up on TV shows. I've been meaning to rewatch the awesome that is Buffy lol. oooh or Felicity! Ben. *sigh*

    Ann @Semisweet

  6. I would get my room cleaned up and organized finally and watch all the stuff on my DVR. And if their was any time left after that, I'd read all these old Star Trek books I've been buying but haven't had time to read.

    captainsarahsparrow at hotmail dot com

  7. I watched a lot of Buffy re-runs!!! The same with Supernatural! I <3 me some Winchester boys! I did get a lot of reading done. I read The Faerie Ring for the fourth time. I couldn't do any reviews because there is noway I'm hand-writing them. I highlighted major points, though!
    I just got my LT back today and spent 2 hours 40 minutes with McAffee trying to reinstall my Anti-Virus plus! I think I knew more than the tech did! I couldn't understand the poor guy. He kept saying A as in something--took me about 3 minutes to figure out he was saying O is for Oscar. He was a nice guy but my McAffee is using Windows for a firewall which says it's working Okay.
    I truly hope this never happens to anyone else.
    I have an external hard drive coming so I can back everything up periodically. I also had to get a new external CD/DVD RW because that wasn't working either. This is an expensive Dell laptop that petered out before it was 2 years old!
    Ok, nuff complaining!
    Have fun with the Giveaway!

  8. Easy I would read more and watch more netflix lol that and some organizing then I may know where everything is not be a mad chaotic mess.

    I follow and tweeted!/frellathon/status/79671200527302656


  9. I would read and write more.

    Glad you're back!

  10. Welcome back, Kristi! *hugs*
    OMFG! 14 days?!*faints* I can't even imagine how that feels. I stayed without my computer 3 days and I almost died!LOL Well, not really, but I was so impatient, I was hyperventilating. But I took advantage of those days and I read books that had been staying on my bookshelves for months, and I wouldn't have picked them up otherwise, as my blog and the books I get for review are usually my priority. I also cooked a lot. (me in the kitchen? not such a good idea LOL)
    I hope your laptop is fine now!

  11. I'd have a hissy fit then I guess I can finally clean my garage!!

    Generous giveaway as usual! Thanks.
    *gfc follower

  12. Well, my house would be clean and I would probably be much further in my TBR pile. Then again, with all the awesome books that keep coming out I can barely keep up with them all :) I sure like trying though.

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway, I'm glad you got your laptop fixed!


  13. I would try to read and knit as much as possible.
    amandarwest at gmaildotcom

  14. It wasn't that long ago when we lost our computer. It was devastating, for me at least. I found myself trying to squeeze in some time on my kids laptops. Honestly, if I lost computer access for 14 days I would probably read a lot more and try to make a bigger dent in my tbr.

    I tweeted yoru giveaway under Rjofus-!/Rjofus/status/79718349977825281


  15. Oh jeez, that sounds like torture; kudos to you for managing to survive xD If I were stuck with no computer for 14 days, I'd freak out first because I wouldn't be able to work on any of my stories. Then I'd read a bunch of books, draw a few sketches, and possibly even resort to SAT workbooks or summer homework.


  16. 14 days without a computer?! I can't even imagine such a thing. I don't even go 14 hours!! I know - it's time for an intervention......oy. My Dell laptop did the same thing at 18 months - planned obsolescence I think. I bought another Dell and now it's only been a year and I can tell already the same thing is going to happen. Last Dell for me. And WHAT?! You read TFR FOUR times??!! I hug you! I heart you! I'm throwing beautiful rose petals at you!!! And serving you bowls of M&M's (doesn't everybody love that?) :-) but really - THANK YOU!


  17. I would read. Write. Call you!

    What else? I might share what I wrote even!


  18. Well, I would keep my ereader charged and my android charged. Get lots of reading done. And finally get caught up in video games that I have neglected.

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  19. I would read A LOT more, clean house more diligently, and most of all, I would concentrate more on writing my novel.

    I am a follower and I tweeted:!/truebookaddict/status/79845111827152897


  20. Kiki-Yes, four times! I'll be holding a very big giveaway when The Faerie Ring comes out! Then another when it's out for two weeks although this one will be very challenging but well worth it for the winner!
    So sorry to hear about your Dell! Do you use an external HD to back everything up?
    This is my third Dell LT in 8 years. I gave the first one to a friend, the second one has no power cord and a bunch of glitches-I keep meaning to take it in and have it repaired/updated, get a new cord, etc... I think I'm going to do that this week. Being without a computer is no fun.
    I really love my Dell LT now and couldn't believe it went like it did. I spent a lot of money on this thing!

    It's so funny that a bunch of book bloggers all said they'd read more! Isn't it amazing how much time we spend on our computers? Blogging is incredibly hard work! It isn't just about reading and jotting a quick review, it's about researching, networking, making sure our facts our correct, stalking our favorite author's :o] Promoting our favorite authors and their books and so much more!
    It takes a lot of time, my friends and that's why I value you all because I know how hard it is and I respect each and every one of you for the time, effort and heart you put into your blogs :o]

    I got so much reading done, I re-read favorite books (see above), read a lot of indie books for my Indie Love Sundays which will start next Sunday with Kate Bennett's Inevitable!

    Take care everyone and take the time to read! As much as I missed my computer, I find I'm a little scared now, LOL!

  21. @Kristi OMG Now I'm even more jealous you got to read The Faerie Ring! I'm dying to read that book and September (October in my case) seems sooo far away!

    Anyway, I totally agree with everything you said! Blogging takes so much of our time and just the other day I was thinking how little of that time is actually book reading. But I love connecting with other bloggers, authors and... pretty much everything about it! I'm glad to be a part of this community! *group hug*

  22. 14 days without a computer would drive me insane but I would probably be more productive without it lol. I would do a lot of reading and cleaning
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  23. I would do a ton more reading and baking. And I would also spend a lot more time with hubby and our two dogs.

  24. I would read. watch a lot of tv and sleep. I should do a complete cleaning, but it would come in at 4th.

    Im a follower
    tweet -!/DonnaS1/status/80114346155442176

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  25. I'll definitely go half nuts without my computer for 14 days :-S Though I'm still glad that I have my books and my Kindle which happen to be my bestest of friend since the past year. It is difficult when you don't really have THAT many friends and your constant compinion happen to be those onlines and yeah, those that cannot really speak directly back to you (aka the laptop, the kindle and the books!). But yes, I do believe that I'm capable of reading SO much more if my laptop happen to be sick for two weeks =)

    - I'm an old follower
    - shy8629(at)gmail(dot)com

    Now let's just hope your computer (OR MINE) won't require any sick-day again anytime soon :P

    Wow, this is freakin' long answer. I better stop now!

  26. Oh, forgot to mention that I tweeted too:!/shy8629/status/80252097991413760

    Thanks for the giveaway, Kristi!

  27. I really don't want that to happen to me! I be on the laptop for a very long time! But well, I would be playing sports which is by far the best thing. Mainly, badminton and swimming really. After that I don't know! Maybe just flick throught channels, there doesn't seem to much good programs to watch these days. And catch up on the pile of homework that I have and I just don't want to do! :S
    Thanks for the giveaway! So awesome :D


  28. Thanks for the giveaway & I'm glad you're back! I'm a follower through GFC & networked blogs & I'll tweet your giveaway.

    Two weeks without a computer... besides pull my hair out, I'd read more, sleep more and watch movies. I am that lazy. LOL

  29. I'm a follower and I RT'd. Welcome back!

    If I didn't have my computer, I'd read, read, read, read, read. And I'd probably be hunting down every bookstore within fifty miles. So not much would be different, actually.

  30. I would love to say that I'd get more housework done or unpack and sort through boxes that have been in the basement since we moved... But I'd probably read and watch tv/movies. LOL

  31. I'd probably just read. I have a HUGE TBR pile that really needs to get cut down to size. Other than that I would probably just lounge about in front of the TV with my dog Peanut.

    Thanks for the giveaway!



  32. Well, glad you are back. :) And up and running again.

    What would I do if I wasn't on this computer I've become so attached to... I would read many more books :P he he. But I would probably get more exercising done too. And who knows what else around the house. But I think I would go back to the good old books in hand time. ;) Thankyou!

  33. I would totally miss you all if I hadn't internet access!

    The 14 days...I would spend reading, seriously! Go to uni, clean the house, read a lot, watch some movies with friends, have BBQs:)


  34. No social media?! Scary thought, lol!

    I'd probably read more! A LOT more, lol! My day would be work (with reading at lunch), followed by dinner with the hubs, followed by more reading and then bed! Sounds fabulous, lol!

    readinginthecorner11 (at) gmail (dot) com

  35. Oh God, 14 days without my Speedy. That's...I don't even want to think about it. (*.*)
    Okay I'll think about it: first, I would freak out for a couple of days or so, then I would read, read, read, and read. I also love to draw and I'm aware that I don't draw as much as I used to because of the computer, so I would probably catch up on that. I would also catch up on my favourite tv series, which I so often miss because I'm blogging, or visiting someone else's blog, or searching&buying books online, or entering giveaways such as this one. :D
    That's it!
    Welcome back! and thanks for the giveaway!;)

    (oh, and I follow on GFC)
    jen7waters at gmail dot com

  36. 14 days? like seriously? all I can say is that I could cry! I could lash out without having an internet thus having no computer for days. Even a day I think I can't stand it but then if there's really no way to have a computer I could just watch a marathon of Glee or The Vampire Diaries but then after that I would still miss being online. So by then I would just read books! Reading is really a good hobby so I might just rummaged on my TBR pile.

    I'm a follower


    email: fallendream03 AT gmail DOT com

  37. Oh what a great giveaway!

    Wow, it's hard to imagine a world without a computer... can you believe we once actually lived in one?? Sometimes I wish I was able to be online less, so that I'd have more time for other things. This contest is a good reminder! ;)

    I want to say that I'll spend more time doing household chores, but I know I won't :p I don't like doing them and having more time won't change that. I know it's not original, but I would definitely read more. There are so many books I would like to read, but it seems there is never enough time. Also, I would start learning to draw, so that I can make fan art of my favorite books :)

    Will tweet about this contest! (@Eruwen)

  38. Aw, so sorry to hear about your computer woes. Glad they're all sorted out now and that he was able to save most of your stuff.

    If I was without a computer I'd probably read more. Boring, I know, but funny enough reading seems to be the activity that has declined the most since I started my book blog.

    imagesandwords at optonline dot net

    I would tweet for you, but I don't have a twitter account :)

  39. Great giveaway!! If I couldn't have my computer, I would definitely clean more. That's something that surely suffers now that I blog, tweet, etc.
    I follow the blog

  40. Hey Kristi, glad you have everything up and running again.
    If I had no computer for 14 days, i would die! LOL no I wouldn't but it would def feel that way. I would most likely organize my house, I keep putting it off to read or blog. So as long as my computer is working and I have books it probably won't happen :) Thanks for the giveaway!!

  41. If I had no computer for 14 days, I would go a little crazy, that is for sure! I would still have internet on my phone, but that's just not the same!

    So, if I had to go cold turkey, 14 days without it, I would probably leave town. Go on vacation and be among the three dimensional people.

  42. I'd grab a notepad and scribble ideas which I've been meaning to do for ages. I'd also spend time with my cats because, after weeks of promoting 24/7, they barely know me any more. jayden(dot)scott(at)live(dot)com

  43. of course i would read ALOT! i would go for some nice long walks, and spend as much time as possible outside. After that i think i would visit my grandparents and help them. wow, 14 days, thats a lot of time...
    and at last, i would have more dinner-parties with my friends.

  44. Glad you're back, Kristi and that your computer woes are over!

    You don't need to enter me, I just wanted to say hi.

  45. If I did not have the internet I would get alot more around my house accomplished. Say like get all my books I keep buying put away. Harass my husband alot more to get me more bookshelves built. I would get alot more reading done. and I would probably play on the game systems with my daughter.

  46. If I was without a computer for 14 days I would probably lose track of my day to day living as everything is stored on it. LOL!

    Actually if I was without a computer for 14 days I would alternate my time between reading and writing. I feel I don’t have time to do much writing at the moment which is sad as I have two ideas I would like to focus on. In 14 days I feel that if I solidly wrote, with only taking time to eat, sleep and read I would have most of my ideas down on paper and ready to go.

    It would seem weird at first but I think it would actually be very good for me and my writing.

  47. Hello Kristi! Oh no, not your laptop! I'd just die if mine died! Thank you for the giveaway<3

    What I would do without a computer for 14 days?

    First, I'd probably wonder what exactly was going on with my blog. I mean..who would be posting my reviews? Then I'd be pulling my hair out trying to figure out who finished what and who enjoyed/hated what on Goodreads. Then that would be followed with me melting down from my inability to check my e-mail CONSTANTLY. Yes, I'm very dependent on internet access.

    I'm an old follower, but you already know that...don't you? *whimpers at the thought of being ignored T_T*


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  49. Well, I should do cleaning projects that I've put off but I know myself better than that. I would probably spend my time reading. I'd also make phone calls that I don't normally take the time to make.

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  50. If I didn't have the internet well first I'd probably freak out a little...I definitely have a bit of a compulsive need to be online. :P
    After I was done freaking out and realized there was no point in getting all worried because I couldn't do anything, I would sit and read for a while. I might do some cleaning, depends on if I were feeling motivated. The majority of my time I would spend reading though, and if it were nice outside, I'd sit in the sun while going so. :)

    Glad you have internet again, I bet it was torture being without it! :S
    Awesome giveaway, thanks for the chance to win. :D

  51. If I didn't have my laptop for 14 days - I would go crazy! I would be on my iPod Touch 24/7 and probably watching a lot of movies on NetFlix - because face it, I can't blog on my Touch :( I would also use that time to READ READ READ - although I would PRAY that I had uploaded a lot of review books before the crash so I could at least get ahead on that front!

    I'm so glad you have your laptop back! That seriously must've been awful.

    myshelfconfessions at gmail dot com

    April @ My Shelf Confessions

  52. Well I have been without a computer for 14 days or longer before of course so I guess it all depends on the circumstances. Anyway I would most likely use the time for reading a book, (re-)watching a show, maybe texting. Also I would play with my cat since I don't do that enough for my cat's taste anyway.

    After a couple of days I would probably get a bit more creative about spending the extra time, but I would still do everything I already like to do and just spend more time on it or do it more often instead. Thanks for the fun giveaway ^^
    I'm a GFC-follower

    eveningreen AT gmail DOT com

  53. I would hole up in my room with a good book (or seven) and probably marathon some of my favourite TV shows. Thanks for the giveaway!

    renee8mc AT gmail DOT com
    & I follow (mcdonaldrenee)

  54. No laptop? That is just too traumatizing to think about!! Lol. I know I'd get more reading done. And maybe it would free up time for me to take my photography hobby to the next level.

    Great giveaway!!
    strangecandyreviews at gmail dot com

  55. 14 days without my laptop? Argh!! Okay, after I finished thrashing about, gnashing my teeth and pulling my hair out in frustration, I'd hop on my Harley and go for a ride now that the weather's nice. Then I'd settle down with my Kindle to read all the books I'm so far behind on, and give the authors some reviews on Amazon. And maybe I'd try to fit in some time to figure out my new Droid X2, which is getting the best of me!

    geekgirl at comcast dot net

  56. 14 Days with no laptop means no friends for 14 days SORRY I JUST COULNT DO IT !! Id kidnap my daughters and we would share !! My computer is what gets me through somedays ** as you well know ** people to chat to,,play with your blog, write comments and just socialize in a differnt sorta way.. And if i was destitute !! Id pop into the supermarket and pay to use theirs just to catch up !!!! I have my e reader so in the meatime catch up on some reading and contimplate my return !! of the laptop !! lol.. Glad ur back !! WB !!! Im happy for you !! I know how frustrating it was for a week with no laptop !!!!


  57. I was a few weeks without a laptop and was a mess. My important information was there, music and photos I had no way to get it back, my problem was a malfunction in the battery. Then I had to keep asking me to lend computers to all who could, endure dirty looks when they tired of me, I lost very good contest blogs, and I was dying. Fortunately the books helped me overcome my time without my laptop, but was almost the end of the world.

    Thanks for this chance :)

  58. If I was without a computer for that long I'd go absolutely crazy...well maybe just a little. I think that I would spend a ton of time reading the ever growing pile of books in my living room or cheat and spend more time at the library than I already do.

    Thanks for the giveaway of awesome.

    BookNoise at gmail dot com

  59. That is wayyyyy too long without a computer. LOL. I guess we don't really realise just how much we depend on them.
    I think I would get a lot of reading done, finally plow through my TBR list of books on my shelf. My bank account would seriously die from exhaustion because I would probably spend more time in the shops, probably adding more books to my shelf. LOL. When at home if I didn't feel like reading I would probably sit on my back porch and get back into sketching. Always a great past time. :)

    Excellent giveaway. Thanks heaps. :D

    GFC name:- dilaby

  60. After going throught the hardships of abstinence I would probably hang on even more dearly to my Kindle and bookcase. Oh, and my dog would be walked and played with a whole lot more. LOL

    kah_cherub at hotmail dot com

  61. +1 I tweeted!

  62. Well.. I'm sure my grades would improve. :) and I would most likely just switch vices: the television would become my new best friend.
    gfc friend cris_mv
    great giveaway!!!

    cris_mv at hotmail dot com

  63. Oh, I would clean my room and read some of my TBR books. Maybe watch some movies...

    Of course I would try to steal my mother's laptop.

    magabygc at


  64. Hey! Welcome Back! :D
    I would read. Or sleep. Or go to my friend's house and play videogames with him and his brother hahahahahaha Or I can use my mom's computer :P
    I tweeted:!/petit_sayumi/status/80971541164208128
    and my GFC name isn't appearing, I don't know why. Stupid IE. but i'm a GFC follower under the name: -petit

  65. Great giveaway and welcome back. No computer? It's hard to contemplate as we have more than one in the house, but say, no internet.

    I would be totally at a loss at first. I would have my phone to write short emails and read them. But my blog would so suffer! I would probably attempt to write blogposts on my phone and then give up. I guess after a few days I wouldn't even mind so much, I'd be reading a lot and taking notes so I would have lots of reviews to post later.

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  68. sigh my computer died on me in the middle of the semester a few years ago and I was lost. What would I do if i had to spend anohter 14 days without the computer? I'd probably take that time trying to clean up my place and getting as much reading done as possible. Or i'd go to the library and get my internet fix :)


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  70. not sure why that posted three times, but i deleted the extras.

    i tweeted too!/greisn1/status/81004755282952193

  71. What would I do without internet? Thats quite easy - almost what I always do. xD Read books, watch movies or TV shows. And I *might* do something useful as well - such as finally tidy up my room, sort through some stuff I have wanted to throw away for a while. x) Or I might go swimming. I love swimming and I havent done it in a while. Just normal stuff.

    I tweeted about your giveaway.!/LilyxJames/status/81023196094148609 Thanks!

  72. Forgot to mention that I follow your blog as LilyxJames.

  73. Great to have you back! Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Gosh, I think I would feel totally disconnected from a whole lot of people if I didn't have internet access for 14 days. LOL. I would probably get tons more reading done! My TBR pile is way too high! :-)

  74. Welcome back! I hate when computers and laptops crash... that's why there should also be a backup!

    I'd read and write reviews, yanno, for the blog. Even when I'm not on I'm working for it. :) I'd also play tons of wii, do stuff like shopping and watching movies. It would suck though.


  75. If I didn't have my computer I would seriously sit and read all day! It wouldn't bother me in thee slightest to be without my computer. Or I would rewatch all the seasons of Supernatural.

    Tweeted it -!/arick01/status/81169432201797634

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. A lady at my church was talking about the evils of store bought bread. How all the nutrition had leeched out of it. How damaging it is to growing children. How much more delicious home baked bread is.

    So I would correct the evilness of my ways and bake bread.

    I would also get my carpet cleaner out and do the whole house, top to bottom.

    Then I would work on my oh-so-sexy farmer's tan.

    And BTW, the ARCs were mailed today (finally)!

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  78. Well, actually I NEVER without a computer for 14 days and please, spare me the agony! LOL

    But IF I have to live without it for 14 days I think I would spend it with reading books! Oh maybe, I would spend some time in front of TV but I'm sure it wouldn't be too long :)

    If I feel like going outside, I probably gonna spend some time in the mall, too. No girls could resist some shopping time :D

    savedbymercy at gmail dot com