Thursday, June 16, 2011

And the WINNERS are---

A big Thank-you to everyone for helping me to celebrate the return of my computer (twice) and my Blog!

Your words of support both public and private meant so much to me!

The Three Winners of $20.00 Gift Certificates are:
  • Melissa (My words and pages)
  • Throuthehaze
  • Deea
Congratulations! I'll be sending you emails!

Now! The Surprise I promised!

I decided to throw in a $50.00 Gift Certificate as a special surprise for my Celebration!

The winner of the $50.00 Gift Certificate is:

  • Small Review
Congrats to the winners and a HUGE thanks to everyone for participating!

Time to get on with my blogging!
There's so much more to the story of my computer crash and what we've lost, particularily all of our business files for my husbands 2 businesses (Payroll, invoices, estimates, job costing, employee and customer information, etc...) everything dating back to 2005-I haven't had this computer this long but Quickbooks lost our files after we've spent over $1200.00 for them to upload them to their server daily---SIGH!

Yes, sobs were abundent this week as was high stress and frustration levels. Luckily, my accountant has all of our payroll information, at least from 2008, and that has helped tremendously!

So, what does the FAERY do? She moves on!

Time to get all my reviews posted and get on with what makes me happy-BLOGGING about the fantastic books I read and reading about the fantastic reviews my fellow blogger buddies post!

Hugs to all!


  1. Oh no! You can't be serious. What good is back up if they don't back up??? Sh**! I'm so sorry!
    And here you are, still being generous! I hope that catch the culprit, whoever she is and make her pay. And I hope this doesn't mess up business. I keep waiting for some great reviews from you! Let's have em!


  2. :O $50?!! Woah! Hon, you just made my whole week! THANK YOU! I feel like I should be giving you something, especially with all your recent woes. Sending you virtual hugs and support. :)

  3. Wow...:( It's actually sad how much we rely on computers and how much of our work depend on them these days. Oh well... Like you said, we have to move on!:) Speaking of which, I think I should back up my comp ASAP!

    And wow, that's me? Thank you!:D

  4. Heather (Buried in Books) You have no idea what I've been through this last month (actually, LOL, you do) but the last week has been especially trying.
    First, McAffee wouldn't install because windows protection was getting in the way. That was a 3 HOUR call with tech support!
    QB's, which I thought would be an easy download of our SAVED files turned out to be a FREAKIN' NIGHTMARE from HADES! From Monday to Wednesday I spent a grand total of 12.5 hours with them on the phone. At one point, after about 4 hours, I just started sobbing and the Non-Support tech had the nads to tell me "Don't cry, it's not a big deal" YES, HE REALLY SAID THAT!!! Of course I responded back appropriately. If his company felt that losing all of our entire business files to the tune of $1200.00 was no big deal then it was no wonder that our files got 'lost'.

    I am still hopeful that they will get found. Our neighbor is a lawyer and he called them yesterday and he feels that he got them looking a little harder, if they don't find they he feels confident I'll be refunded. Either way I'm better off than I was before.

    You will be seeing many reviews from me! I read so many books and I've got reviews done. I've been focusing on getting my computer back together! Now it's time to blog!

    Small Review: Glad I made your week! That makes me happy! A virtual hug is great, thank you! :o]

    Deea: So true! And yes, get an external HD and start backing up your computer---immediately!
    Your Welcome!

    To the winners: You'll be getting your email from me shortly and you can

  5. Oh my. I'm so sorry to hear all the things you lost. That is just awful. I can only imagine the stress level. Soooo sorry. I do hope you all get through.

    And thank you so kindly for the prize. :) I know what I'm getting already. Although that will probably change 30 times before I actually order. lol. Thank you!

  6. CONGRATS MELISSA...let me know what you get?!