Thursday, May 19, 2011


TITLE: Bite Club-The Morganville Vampires # 10
AUTHOR: Rachel Caine
GENRE: Young Adult Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy
PUBLISHER: NAL; Published May 3, 2011-340 pages in print


Bite Club, the newest installment to The Morganville Vampire Series by Rachel Caine was FANTASTIC! Whenever I open a Morganville book I know I’ll be reading an incredible story about my dear friends that I’ve missed so much since the last story! I love the Fictional Friendships I’ve developed over the years that I’ve been reading the series and have come to actually care about! Ms. Caine has enthralled and held me captivated by her stories in no less than TEN books and I’ve never lost interest, in fact, each book has left me jonesing for more!

Bite Club is written in two person point of view (POV): Clare and Shane’s, Ms. Caine really made it work beautifully! It intertwines with Claire’s POV at just the right time and it isn’t confusing nor does it take away from the story. It gave me a much better understanding of Shane and what his childhood and living with his father after his mother’s death was like for him. Without Shane’s POV I think the story wouldn’t have been as complete.

Claire has received an offer to go to MIT, the school of her dreams and she knows that it all depends on Amelie whether she can go or not. She’s ready to talk to Shane about this when he starts to behave oddly. There’s a new gym in town-a real gym and it’s taught by an actual vampire, Vassily. When Shane first found out about this gym, he was so stoked about it; anything to do in Morganville, especially the chance to learn to fight vamps by a vamp, has Shane off the couch and ready for action. On opening day, Claire watches Shane sparring with the Vampire Vassily, and the look on his face frightens her. It’s a savage animalistic look that shows so much rage. The more time Shane spends at the gym, the more he changes. He becomes hostile, insulting and dare I say, a Frank Clone. This is where things start to go seriously bad in the Glass house.

Meanwhile, we’re reading Shane’s input about a beautiful vampire named Gloriana who makes Shane feel special. All she has to do is look into his eyes and tell him whatever he needs to hear at that particular time and everything’s okay. His training is miraculous; suddenly he’s taking down vamps at the gym and barely feeling any pain, Vassily has this amazing ‘protein shake’ that really works in the most amazing ways-giving him almost vampire like abilities healing, strength and agility but Shane never questions why this ‘shake’ works so well. There are times when Shane realizes that he absolutely hates vampires but for some reason, Gloriana isn’t one of them, there are also times when his heart breaks for the things he’s done and said to Claire; how he’s hurt her, Eve and even Michael but then the haze comes down again. All he can think of is the next fight, what he doesn’t realize is that he’s being used and it just might be the death of him.

Bite Club is extremely complex, there are a lot of sub-plots that twist and turn in the most awesome way. At first I thought it would be about just one issue but there’s so many other things happening in the book, I really enjoyed following all the sub-plots, seeing where they led and wondering if there was a connection or not to the main plot. There’s the reintroduction of two really dangerous characters plus some new ones, all of my favorite characters are dependably present-some from previous books that we haven’t heard much about in the last 2-3 books. Everyone seems to play a part in Bite Club, no matter how big or how small-I love the fact that Ms. Caine was able to pull the complexity of the book all together the way she did. It was perfect and a One-Sit-Read, the highest honor this reviewer can give.

Bite Club is another extraordinary Morganville book! I can’t wait until the next installment and I prEy that Rachel continues this series for a long time. Morganville has become almost a real place in my literary world-where my friends, frenemies and enemies live. Without Ms. Caines brilliantly skillful world building and outstanding character descriptive along with her truly amazing storylines, Morganville would just be another sleepy Texas town.


  1. Great review! I still need to catch up in this series. I have the one before this to read. I don't know why I wait so long. I love these books and they never let me down!

    Aimee @ Coffee Table Reviews

  2. Sometimes I hold off on the books I really love because of the anticipation factor and also because I don't want them to end, LOL! Seriously :o] We have to wait so long for the next ones to come out!

    I've done the same with one of my favorite authors! I waited and waited for her book to come out but I haven't read it yet!

    Thanks for the kind complement, it's a long review but the book is complex and I seriously love the characters so much, I wish the books were longer, at least 100 pages longer but the stories are always original and different and they've never failed to keep me captivated and entertained. I'll keep reading them as long as she keeps writing them :o]

  3. great review! ive only read the first in this series I really need to catch up on it. Thanks for stopping by my blog :0 I love yours

  4. Oh, your lucky! You have all these great books to look forward to! You'll be hooked in no time!

    Thanks for the complement!

  5. Super cool cover. I love how you always seem to pick books with the best covers!