Monday, April 18, 2011

IMM # 3 AND My Birthday Giveaway Contest! $50.00 GC of Choice!

I received some wonderful books in my mailbox this past week! One was extremely special! A book that I've been anxiously awaiting arrived right on my Birthday from an author that I absolutely adore! The others were wonderful, too, as all books are!

THE FAERIE RING by KIKI HAMILTON!!! Can you imagine my surprise when my husband brought this innocent looking package in? I'm always excited to get books but when I opened it and saw the cover, I just sat in stunned silence for a few seconds---completely not believing my eyes! This is THE book I've been waiting for! So then I squeed loudly enough to make Hubby and darling baby dog, Bear Butt both jump-there may have been some urine leakage, but they'll never admit it-Teeheez ;o] Needless to say, I was way beyond excited! Kiki, You helped make my birthday the most FAERYTASTIC! The HUGEST of Thank-yous and BIGGEST of hugs to you, Kiki!

I have loved The Wings Series by Aprilynne Pike since it first came out! It's a different twist on the Fae world that I really enjoyed. Illusions is the third book in The Wings Series, Wings is the first in the series and Spells is the second. I've already reviewed Illusions which you can see below. It will be out on May 3, 2011 and it's a book I'd recommend to all my friends. There is a fourth book in the making but it is yet untitled. I'm just happy that the series will continue on.
I won Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter in a contest given by Amber at AwesomeSauceBookClub-who is an amazing blogger and person! The contest consisted of reading different personality traits and then deciding which personality best suited you. There were four choices: Vampire-Witch-Faery-Shapeshifter. Once you read the traits you had to explain why you fit that specific type. Of course, I fit the Faery personality trait to a T! No kidding! So, I explained why and C.C. and Amber chose my answer and in turn, I won a copy of the book. I didn't get it until really late but that wasn't anyone's fault. I think the publicist lost my address! The point is, I got it! I really enjoyed Born at Midnight and I'll be writing and posting my review this week. I'm happy to report this will be a series
The City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare is one of this years most talked about books! I love The Mortal Instruments Series and I haven't started The City of Fallen Angels yet because I felt like I needed to brush up on what's happened in the past so I decided to skim through The City of Glass; I'm glad I did, it was a wonderful refresher! The Mortal Instrument series fits in with those series that I will be able to re-read again and again-a read that never gets boring. I plan on reading the entire series again and reviewing it as a whole. The Lady sure can write!

So, this is what I got IN MY MAIL BOX! Can't wait to see what everyone else got! I know it'll be good! Big hugs to you all!
Look for Information on a GIVEAWAY TOMMORROW FOR MY BIRTHDAY! My Birthday was Friday, April 15th-sucks to have it on Tax Day when your family is self-employed! This week I'm going to ask a question and the best answer will get a $50.00 Gift Card of their choice! Yes, it is International! More will come tomorrow!It will be FUN!


  1. Oh so glad you got The Faerie Ring! It looks and sounds like a great read. :) I do hope you enjoy it!

    Born at Midnight sounds great too! :)

    Oh, hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy all your amazing books! :)

    I'm working, slowly, on my Monday's Beginnings and should have it up later today. :)

  2. Was it your birthday too? Mine was the 12th. There's a giveaway on my blog to celebrate.

    Happy belated birthday to you. Wonderful that you got that special book right on your b-day!

  3. I love the way the title has been done on The Faerie Ring. I hope you had a lovely birthday. Enjoy your new books :)

  4. Awesome, I hope you enjoy The Faerie Ring, it looks great! I have yet to read Aprilynne Pike's series, it sounds cool. And I've been part of that contest @ Amber's too, but I couldn't fit just a personality - I remember being worried about being a mix between a Witch and a Faery. :)) Anyways, enjoy your books and happy reading!

  5. Hi Kristi! You got some really awesome books this week! I'm so excited for you and can't wait for your reviews :) The Fearie Ring looks amazing!

    Enjoy your reads! :)

  6. Hey Kristi,

    Wow, "The Faerie Ring" looks absolutely amazing! Not that the others don' have a great set of books there! :)

    Happy Belated Birthday, I am so sorry if I missed it. Good luck with the giveaway. I am driving up north to San Francisco to take care of my ailing uncle so I may not be able to enter - but either way, good luck in your endeavors! And thank you for providing such wonderful opportunities for your readers/followers! :)


    Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com
    Twitter: @inluvwithbookz

  7. I was so amazingly surprised to see The Faerie Ring! I really did give out a loud Whoop! It scared the crap out of my hubby and dog! LOL!
    I think my hubby thought it was a bomb at first! It was such a wonderful feeling. I'm halfway through the book and can't put it down. That's why I'm so late with my IMM!

    My hubby picked up the mail on Friday-my BD-and left it in one of the work vans-we have 5 of them for our electrical business. He brought it in on Sunday morning and Kiki's package was there.
    If I wasn't so excited to see the book I would've been more mad at him! He's lucky nothing happened to the package. If it had been during the week I'm sure our employee's would've tossed it around with their big greasy hands, lol.
    Kiki also sent me a lovely birthday card on a post card bearing The Faery Ring book imprint, etc... and wished me a Happy Birthday along with bookmarks. I will cherish them all. I have them in a my Harry Potter book-because it's so heavy-so they'll stay nice. I won't use them, LOL.
    She's a wonderful lady, so kind and truly interested in her fans. Just a really sweet genuine person whose down to earth and a FANTASTIC writer. I can't wait for you guys to read her book.
    It's a ONE-SIT-READ!!! I'll have it finished this afternoon and then I'll read it again, lol.
    The characters, the world building, the complexity of the plot, etc... it's amazing!

    Honestly, unlike anything I've read-it's beautiful and charming, scary and thrilling and complex and mysterious! And I still haven't finished!
    Big Sigh---I'm so happy yet so sad that it will end... I'm already looking forward to reading it again, though! :o]

    I hope y'all got great books this week! I always get great books but this past week was the best! Again, Thank you Kiki, whether you read this or not!
    I'll be checking out everyone's IMM's but I've got some reading to do and it just keeps pulling me away from my computer!

    Oh, I am doing a Birthday Giveaway! A $50.00 Gift Card to either Amazon, B & N or The Book Dep. I'm going to ask a question about something and the person who gives me the best and most honest answer will win! I'll post the question tomorrow sometime. Maybe tonight. Depends on what's going on!

    Happy reading everyone!

  8. That's a great mailbox!! Born at Midnight was really good so I hope you like it too! Haven't read the others, but they look good too!

    Here's my IMM

    Happy Reading!

    Old Follower
    Jessica@a GREAT read

  9. Wow, that's probably one of the best mailboxes I've ever seen! I'm so excited about all those books, especially the Faerie Ring! Can't wait to see your review.

  10. Hi Jess-I read Born at Midnight-my review will be posted this week. It was good :o]

    Hi PE-I know, right?! The Faerie Ring is fantastic! I'm not sure when I'll post the review. That will be up to Kiki and her publicist :o] It's a definite ONE-SIT-READ!

    Don't forget to check in tomorrow for my Birthday Giveaway Contest!

  11. Happy belated birthday! ..That's my dad's birthday too!! --Wow, awesome books. How totally fun. :)

  12. Happy Birthday!
    You got some great books! Three of those are on my "to-read list." I hope you have fun with them. :)

  13. Wow you had a great birthday IMM! I'm so happy for you!! You deserve it!

    Love ya,

  14. Hello (:

    GREAT IMM !!!! The Faerie Ring I have heard of on people's WOWs and I never was that interested in it..BUT since you seem oh so excited about it, you have convinced me to read it when it is released. (:

    and the wings series..I have heard SUCH mixed things on!! Since you and I seem to have the same taste in books..(especially the love for Fae books!!) I will now be adding this to my TBR stack (:

    Thanks for the great recommendations once again (:

  15. The Faerie Ring and Born at Midnight both look really good! I can't wait to read Illusions! I loved the first two in the series.

  16. I'm really excited for your review of Born at Midnight! It has been on my TBR list for months, but after hearing mixed reviews I'm scarred of being let down. You can test the waters for me :D

    Also, I've just started a YA review blog. If you have time, stop by :)

    Cory @ Anti-Drug Reads