Friday, February 18, 2011

I just finished reading BLUE BLOOD PULSE 4. I am a huge fan of the author and all her series but THE PULSE SERIES is something special. MS. GOW has taken a very original look at the vampire genre and turned it into something I’ve never had the pleasure to read before. The whole concept of carriers of Life’s Blood and the Vampire’s that use it for various reasons. Leading us to Kalina, a carrier of Life’s Blood, her Brother Justin, Octavius and his sires, the Greystone brothers.
My Review: Despite the dangers that were lurking at the end of BLOOD BURNED-PULSE 3, Kalina decides to go ahead with her plans to tour Yale and finish up at Rutherford. She’s worried about putting her friend Maeve and Brother Justin in any more danger than necessary so she declines Octavius’s solution of hiding out in Europe away from Stuart.
While touring Yale, Jaeger finds her but his only intent is keeping her safe from Stuart who is tormenting her telepathically, Stuart is always near and always knows exactly what she’s doing and who she’s with.
It isn’t long before she’s accosted on the street by a woman who could be her twin sister. The woman, although she could be her twin has needle marks up and down her arms, is thin and pale and can fight like a ninja warrior! Neither Kalina nor Jaeger has ever seen her before but Jaeger can smell Life’s blood coming from her meaning she’s a carrier.
Mal and Leonard come back into Kalina’s life, hurting someone she loves deeply and she barely makes it out of that fight alive.
Kalina learns some interesting information about her background that is more than interesting, its mind blowing! It turns out Kalina has more cut out for her than she ever dreamed possible and the Greystone boys and Octavius may be recruited. A new member is brought into the series, a very important member who could help change the way the whole Life Blood carrier’s lives work and it’s up to Kalina and her friends to make that change. Without them teaming up and working together to stop the greedy vampires; the world will change and not in a good way.
Summary: What I loved about this book: Kalina, although only 18 is showing a maturity growth that starts at the beginning of the book and blossoms throughout. It’s gradual but it’s there and at just the right speed. I’m careful with anything else I write because the book isn’t in paperback yet and I want everyone to experience the brilliance of this book as I did.


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    Good review Kristi. I don't think you gave anything away. But you sure make it sound enticing. Good job! Feel Good! SFAM

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