Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones

Once I finished this book, I wanted to give it 5 + hearts! This debut is destined to become a favorite series of readers everywhere
I have yet to see an author write with such wit and humor and make it work so beautifully in a book that can still carry off the thrils, chills and the paranormal romance feel.

Charley Davidson is what you’d call a permanent Grim Reaper sort of a ‘Go to the Light’ kind of gal/part-time private detective and a part time Albuquerque Police Department consultant.  It doesn’t hurt that her Uncle Bob or Ubie as she affectionately calls him is a big time respected detective who took over after her dad stepped down. Both highly respected because of Charley’s skills of communing with the departed, all of whom make it much easier to solve a case. Of course nobody knows that but them but hey, a girls got to make a living!
With the help of her self-depreciating best friend and secretary, Cookie and some departed friends she helps solve a criminal case that I won’t say a word about because I truly don’t want to spoil this for anybody.
What I will say is that Charley is working one heck of a case with 3 departed lawyers that will cause all kinds of havoc in all areas of her life. Luckily, she has a lot of back-up with her Grim skills but that still doesn't keep her out of trouble or danger.

Also,Charley comes into contact with one ay carumba hotty named Reyes that she met years ago when she was a teen and hasn't seen or heard of since, one that she felt an instant connection with and things start to get bizarre with Reyes now than you could ever possibly imagine. She gets her fair share of bumps and bruises but throughout her life, there has always been a guardian angel around who somehow manages to save her from harm.

In summary, Charley’s the girl I’d love to be or at the very least, have as my BFF! First Grave on the Right had me captivated until I read the very last word and even then I found myself thinking about her almost as a real person. Charley is very empowering!
Ms. Jones writing is so skillfully wicked, her characters so deliciously authentic and her world building is definitive and genuine. There is humor but there is also a delectable dark spine-tingling tension that runs through the book. All in all: It has it all!
I am eagerly anticipating the next in the series with bated breath.


  1. Kristi! Just wow! Thank you so much for this amazing review. I'm so grateful. Coffee is on me if we ever meet!

  2. That would be fantastic, ~D~! I can't wait until Second Grave on the Left, literally.

    If you need a reviewer, I'm your girl. I've finally got a blog up and going! My Grand Opening is actually February 8th but I'm so glad you found your way here! I've missed you!

  3. Oh, I can't wait to read this one. And Darynda is such a lovely and generous author.

    The blog is gorgeous, Kristi! Absolutely love the header.

  4. Must agree with Maureen! This blog is beautiful! I've missed you too. Thanks again for this!!!

  5. OH! And thank you so much, Maureen!!! You're pretty amazing yourself!

  6. I LOVE your header, too! This book is in my TBR, and after your review, I think I'm going to shuffle it to the top. :)

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  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog Kristi. Great review. This is a book I'm wanting as well. I'm glad to see it's a good one. I'm going to pick this up this weekend.

  9. I've been hearing great things on this one thus far. So glad to see you enjoyed it as well. I've recently been thinking on adding this one to my WANT list. Sounds now like it needs to be there. :) Thanks!

  10. Jamie, that would be amazing to get an award! Are you for realsies are just being nice like you so often are?
    It's so nice to hear the compliments, it took me months to decide to finally do this because I was scared to death of all the side bar stuff.
    The posts weren't so much a problem but when I see all the great things you guys have on your sidebars and how polished and well put-together it all looks, it sure is intimidating!
    I wish you all the best of luck in the hop and that you get all kinds of goodies!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    I have this book but it is still in my tbr pile. Reapers are not really my type of supernatural entity but this sounds interesting.
    I might move it up to 3 books. Thanks for the review.