Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Lion's Den by Katherine St. John

Belle likes to think herself immune to the dizzying effects of fabulous wealth. But when her best friend, Summer, invites her on a glamorous getaway to the Mediterranean aboard her billionaire boyfriend's yacht, the only sensible answer is yes. Belle hopes the trip will be a much-needed break from her stalled acting career and uniquely humiliating waitressing job, but once she's aboard the luxurious Lion's Den, it soon becomes clear this jet-setting holiday is not as advertised.

Belle's dream vacation quickly devolves into a nightmare as she and the handful of other girls Summer invited are treated more like prisoners than guests by their controlling host-and in one terrifying moment, Belle comes to see Summer for who she truly is: a vicious gold digger who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Belle realizes she's going to have to keep her wits about her -- and her own big secret closely hidden -- if she wants to make it off the yacht alive.

TITLE: The Lion's Den
AUTHOR: Katherine St. John
PUBLISHER: Grand Central Publishing
GENRE: Thriller/Suspense
PAGES: 368

Do you annotate when you read? I love being able to highlight important facts and quotes on my Kindle but when I’m reading a print copy, I use colored tabs to help me keep track!

Big thanks to @grandcentralpublishing and Katherine St. John for gifting me a copy of The Lion’s Den in exchange for my review!

Welcome to The Lion’s Den, an extravagant & luxurious yacht you’ll die to get on or die getting off! Ha! What an absolutely perfect summer read this is! Aspiring actress Belle is not the sort to compromise her moral compass just to catch a rich husband but not so for her bestie of many years, Summer. When she snags the wealthy John and invites her besties along on a leisurely cruise through the French Riviera for her birthday, who could refuse and what could go wrong?

This is one of those books that took me by surprise! At first, I thought it was going to be a light romp through romcom land but it is anything but! There is murder, sex, betrayal, and deceit and most important, a lesson to be learned, how well do we really know anyone? The characters are phenomenal, ranging from gold-digging wasps to family members with no fetching, making for an interesting cast of characters. The plot is tight and compelling, completely binge-worthy and the ending left me so satisfied except for one thing … I need closure on a few of the characters! Girl, don’t leave me hanging on Wendy, Claire, Rhonda, and Brittani! Perhaps we’ll hear more on them?

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