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Victims for Sale by Nish Amarnath

BBC stringer Sandy lives as a paying guest with the Sawants, a regular, quiet family. Or so she thought. Until she woke up to a woman with a knife … and a dark secret.
It is only after she runs a sting operation on a home for the differently abled that Sandy makes a connection between an institute acting as a front for something sinister and the strange family she lives with. Chasing the truth up a trail of brutal murders, Sandy must evade the clutches of a thriving sex racket and expose the predators before her time runs out.

TITLE: Victims for Sale
AUTHOR: Nish Amarnath
PUBLISHER: Harper Collins
PUBLICATION DATE: Janurary 25, 2018
FORMAT: Paperback

Victims for Sale by Nish Amarnath


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sandy, a sheltered young Indian woman travels to London after a life- changing event. She's there to follow her educational dreams but instead discovers a shocking crime racket involving the disabled and the innocent. The family her parents chose to look after her while she is in London, the Sawant's at first seem wonderful but it isn't long before Sandy's inquisitive mind starts noticing odd occurrences that lead her to crimes of the most hideous nature. Sandy must dig deep for bravery and use every bit of intelligence she possesses to help these innocent victims!

The characters are well developed and interesting, Sandy is a perfectly flawed heroine; brave and intelligent yet recognizing her limitations. The secondary characters are equally well developed. There are some dark scenes in Victims for Sale, I think this is important, Ms. Amarnath does't lessen the severity of the sex trafficking crime.

Victims for Sale is a gritty dark story about human trafficking; it’s a thrilling mystery with a brave journalist at the heart of the story. Shocking and eye-opening, the author brings to light the travesties of these innocent victims.

A big thanks to @mmbtours for inviting me to be on this tour and gifting me a copy of Victims for Sale in exchange for my honest review.

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