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The Other Mrs.

The Other Mrs. The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sadie and Will Foust have only just moved their family from bustling Chicago to small-town Maine when their neighbor, Morgan Baines, is found dead in her home. The murder rocks their tiny coastal island, but no one is more shaken than Sadie, who is terrified by the thought of a killer in her very own backyard.

But it’s not just Morgan’s death that has Sadie on edge. It’s their eerie old home, with its decrepit decor and creepy attic, which they inherited from Will’s sister after she died unexpectedly. It’s Will’s disturbed teenage niece Imogen, with her dark and threatening presence. And it’s the troubling past that continues to wear at the seams of their family.

As the eyes of suspicion turn toward the new family in town, Sadie is drawn deeper into the mystery of Morgan’s death. But Sadie must be careful, for the more she discovers about Mrs. Baines, the more she begins to realize just how much she has to lose if the truth ever comes to light.

Review of The Other Mrs. By Mary Kubica

First Sentence:

There’s something off about the house.

I am a huge fan of Mary Kubica and I have devoured every book she’s written. I read The Other Mrs. in just under 5 hours, right into the wee hours of the night! Ms. Kubica is truly an expert at pulling the reader into a story and not letting go until the final unexpected end.

There are so many plot twists and sketchy characters that I didn’t trust my own intuition. Ms. Kubica has that way with writing, she’s very good at keeping the story moving with differing theories and character narrations.

The characters are dynamic, deep, and dysfunctional; it seems almost everyone is hiding something. Such well-developed characters make them knowable to me and I become even more invested in their outcome.
The mood of this book is overwhelmingly dark with a sense of dread that looms over it and I absolutely loved this! The creepy house feelings really rubbed off on me and put me right in to the setting, as if I were there. I truly appreciate when a book has this effect on me, it’s a Calgon moment, only for books.

This is a must read for any fan of the genre or Mary Kubica. It’s a solid 5-star rating from me.

A big thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin for the opportunity to read and review The Other Mrs.

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