Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year to All !!!

I've missed everyone so much!
Just a quick note: I didn't go to Cleveland Clinic as planned but instead I'll be heading off to John Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland literally any day now. My planned length of stay will be 4 - 6 weeks and hopefully, I will come back a whole new gal!
The last 8 - 9 months have been virtually hell for myself, my family and my friends [God Love em' all] Things just got progressively worse until I found myself back in a hospital bed and unable to walk without assistance and hey, I'm to young and gorgeous for that LOL! J/K but without my sense of humor, I'd go insanely mad and start shopping online uncontrollably! Ruh-Roh... I think that's already happened...
Unfortunately, being in the hospital bed in full view of everyone, left me nowhere to hide my pain or the secondary spasms that go with my disease & trust me - thems be some shake, rattle and roll spasms, too :o(  I didn't have anywhere to hide anymore, my bedroom which is fairly large is my comfort zone: I can keep it dark, hide my tears, hide my sobs... you get the picture. It was in my control what people saw; my husband works a lot of hours, my friends and family call before they come over and if they didn't call, I just pretended to be asleep when they came in. I did all  my visiting in there because my health was deteriorating and there is room in there to do so. Now, being back in the family room after so long not only felt intrusive on my 'private' hell but also felt like failure.
Things were easier to hide when I was more mobile but when your hospital bed is in the family room...not so much....
Needless to say I became pretty depressed even to the point that I stopped reading and that's the first time that has ever happened to me in my entire life. I didn't read for about 2 1/2 months - I didn't watch TV, I didn''t eat (not even Hershey's Air Delights -which I love], wouldn't answer the phone if it was for me -  I didn't do anything but sleep and cry - eventually between my friends and family the docs deduced I was depressed
Now, on a happier note: I'll be going to John Hopkins and I couldn't be happier. I'm so motivated to go and gain as much of my life back as possible. Learning to control my pain using Biorhythm, deep meditation and other methods is exciting. Using diet, Acupressure and Acupuncture, getting my muscle tone back using a variety of disciplines and  using holistic methods to my health back without the 23 pills in the morning, 18 pills at 2:00 pm and 23 pills at bedtime is going to be amazing.
I know I can do this and I can't wait to go. I'm just waiting for the call now that we have the money we needed up front. My husband worked his ass off last month to make sure I'd have the money up front that Medicare doesn't cover and believe me, it isn't cheap but hopefully it will be well worth it] He just wants his wife back to snowmobile with, ride on the back of his Harley and just learn to enjoy life again.
I'll be taking my LT and my KF-HD 8.9" with me (Yes, I do really love my new Kindle and I got it basically free with business credit card card points that I turned into Amazon Gift Cards.
I have a big PROBLEM with getting Kindles, I have 4 now: A Kindle DX that I loaned to my niece, A 3G Kindle 3 with keyboard, A Kindle Fire and a Kindle Fire-HD 8.9".
So, yeah, I'm a Kindleholic but if loving kindles is wrong then I don't want to be right.... I'm holding my hand to my forehead in a very dramatic gesture, kind of Scarletesque - [you'd be impressed, teeheez] - clutching my Kindle Fire to my heart with a look of pure love and devotion on my face, my other fist grasping the air desperately for understanding... LOL.... 
I'm thinking of doing a KINDLE FIRE GIVE-AWAY soon! What do you think?  I think it's a great idea! I'm open for idea's on Give-away  Contest ideas, so if you have one, let me know!
My good pal Betty likes the idea and she's an avid reader.... see? Help me find a good contest idea, Buds!
Wish me luck everyone and really wish that they get me in soon. They made it sound as if it would be within the next few weeks... it's a 12 hour drive for me so I hope they give me more than a days notice.
Please forgive me for being a terrible blogger buddy, I promise to make it up to you all this year!
Lots of Love and Fan-Faery-Tastic Reading to you all!


  1. Hugs to you. I think what you are going through would have broken the strongest. And sometimes you need to get low to get back up again. Hugs all around

    1. Thanks, Blodeuedd :o] Sometimes I wonder how I've made it but I have a strong support system and I don't fool them as much as I thought I did!

      Being stuck in a bed when you're used to being on the go is pretty horrible - what's worse is when you're in so much pain that you don't care, you just want the pain to end but it doesn't.

      It just goes on and on and on - that's the nature of my disease: my brain doesn't know when to tell my body that it isn't in pain so pain races through my body like a race car on it's own private little race track. It's in both of my legs: hips to toes, my spine, neck to tailbone, my left arm, shoulder to finger tips and in my mouth/jaw bone.

      I also have something called Dystonia, severe spasms and Torticullis-spasming of the neck to one side (Yes, I could give Linda Blair a run for her money! My neck spasms so severely to the right that it twists my entire head over my shoulder and I can catalogue my book case J/K - the pain is much to severe for that but the twisting is no joke.

      I cannot wait to go!!!

  2. I've been thinking about you!! ((HUGS))

    I'm sorry you've gone through so much hell, but I'm glad you have something to help. John Hopkins rocks and so I just know you will do well there. Get better! Feel better! And know I'll be thinking and sending you some good vibes!!

    1. Same goes to you you, Melissa (((Big Hugs)))

      I'll keep you updated and keep reviews and some contest coming in.

      I'll be doing a Kindle Fire contest but I want people to work for it, LOL, it wasn't cheap so I just don't wan't to give it away, ya know what I mean?

      I'll be visiting some of my fav blogs today and tomorrow - typing is good therapy for my left hand but I have no feeling only pain in my left hand so it's hard to hit the right keys or have the stength so I'm constantly back-spacing. It's good therapy, though, physically and emotionally. I have a squeeze ball that I use twice an hour while awake.

      I'll be talking to you soon!

  3. Oh dear. *HUGE BEAR HUGS* So sorry. I've been worried about you. I had a feeling things turned bad. Glad you back to a positive thinking and hope all goes amazing for you at John Hopkins. Do take care!

    Keep us updated as you can. We'll be hoping and thinking of ya. :)

    1. BIG HUGE BEAR HUGS right back atcha, Mel! I've thought of you so much.

      I didn't go online hardly at all but when I did, I avoided all my favorite bloggers, etc... I think the pain [physical and emotional] of not blogging was really getting to me and in turn I also felt guilty and a tad jealous because here you guys were, reading - blogging - holding contests, etc... and I wasn't around to participate.

      I don't know how to explain it. Once our computers, TV's. etc... blew out during that storm, I received the exact same LT that I had before and during the time we were waiting for our TV's and Computers I had a terrible flare up and it just got worse from there until 6 months went by and I was back in a hospital bed, the pain was agonizing and the reading I did was forgotten because of all the drugs I'm on. At least I'm getting more for my buck that way, LOL, every book is like a new book - TeeHee! Okay, it isn't that bad although there are a lot of books I read that I couldn't tell you the name or author and that, sadly, is the truth :o(

      On to happier things! I can't wait to head out to John Hopkins and I can't wait to start blogging again. If they call me this weekend or not, I'm still going to start on Monday - maybe earlier.

      Like I said to Melissa, I'll be visiting you this weekend! Can't wait to see you!

      Hugz to you!


  4. Kristi-

    I am the worst friend ever! I didn't call you like I said I would. I can't remember the last time we talked. I know it was long, but I don't even remember what month it was. I'm so sorry, but the news above sounds good! Can you ride in a car that long? Do you have pants soft enough? Why is it always winter when you have to go somewhere???? Get a snuggie! That would be comfortable to travel in. Who cares how ridiculous it looks. J/K

    Love you so much!

  5. So sorry to hear you were in the hospital. Kindles have a way of cheering us up, eh? Adorable blog banner btw. :)

  6. I can tell you anyone that reads this that Kristi is at John Hopkins now. If I get any more info that she wants me to share I'll update it.

    1. Thank you Buried in Books!! I was just stopping by to send wishes to Kristi. Thanks for letting us know. :) I do hope she's doing well.

  7. Hugs dear! I do hope all is going well for you. You are missed. :) And do take care. Here's hoping all goes well.

  8. I took my blog off hiatus recently and was looking up some blogs I used to visit only to find you had been gone for awhile, but I didn't know the reason. I'm sorry to hear you have been through such a rough time this past year. Best wishes, good vibes, and {{hugs}} to you.


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  10. Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know I spoke to Kristi about a month ago and she sounded like a new person! She was still at Johns Hopkins in Maryland, but we probably talked about four hours and she was absolutely getting better. I was supposed to get on her blog and make a post, but I can't seem to do that. But rest assured, when she gets everything straightened out, she'll let you know what's going on. But her pain has lessened considerably and she is very excited about living again! Keep up your prayers. She hasn't had a miraculous cure. But she's learning to manage her pain without meds and that has made all the difference to her. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to talk to her and hear how happy and hopeful she sounded. I hope to talk to her again soon. She must be busy with therapy because I told her to call me when she got bored. Guess she isn't!!!