Monday, September 26, 2011

A note from The Faery

I'm sorry I haven't been posting or visiting as much as I should. I'm doing a very intense Physical Therapy that's helping me so very much.

A lot of you know that I have a pretty rare disease that affects my Central Nervous System and causes a lot of pain and muscle spasms. I've decided to try a new therapy to help me gain back the muscle strength and stamina that I used to have. In the process, it is going to help my pain and spasms-There's many treatment modalities where I'm going and I'm usually there from 2.5 - 3 hours and it takes me 45 minutes to get there so that makes for a really long day.

I'm incredibly sore right now, I've been going 3 days a week for 3 weeks except for one week when I had a terrible bronchitis. The soreness is from muscles that haven't been worked in a very long time.

The Physical Therapy place I go, ADAPT, is excellent. The people there are so nice and they are incredibly motivating without being bullies. I must say they've become friends to me already.

So, my posting is and already has suffered a bit but I have to prioritize and right now my health and well-being is taking priority. I'll still post but not every day and I probably won't participate in a lot of meme's. I'll try very hard to visit y'all because I love what you post!

The next 2-3 months will be incredibly challenging for me but I've never backed down from a challenge in my entire life so I look forward to this and the reward at the end!!

Huggles to you all and I'll be back, probably today, LOL, with a review! You're all FanFaeryTastic whether you read this or not

<3 Kristi


  1. My dear - never apologize for not posting. Especially for not feeling well.

    I hope you feel better soon - *big granny hug*

  2. Feel better darling!! We'll all still be here when you're better! <3 you!

  3. ((((((((((((( hugs ))))))))))))))))))

    Warm thoughts!

  4. Focus on getting strong and healthy! We're all thinking of you, and though we miss your posts, we 100% understand and want you to do what's best for you! *hugs*

  5. Praying it helps with all the pain. Never apologize for taking care of yourself! ((hugs))

  6. Thanks to you all.

    This is really a great thing! I've dealt with this disease and the diseases that came with it for a long time and there was a time when I felt my life was destroyed and I'd never get better. I'd remain in agonizing pain, bed-ridden and depressed as all hell because I wasn't the same person and I never would be.

    I don't feel like that anymore! I have hope now and that is worth its weight in gold! I've got a goal and that's to get back to work as a Critical Care RN back where I used to work, I guess you could say that's the carrot that's dangling in front of my face when I feel like giving up, if PT is to hard or to painful. I just envision myself back in my scrubs, measuring intercranial pressures and doing great things with the knowledge that I've been given.

    Thanks again for your support and please, this isn't a 'feel sorry for me' post!

    Rejoice with me, support me and celebrate with me as I reach my goal!

    Again, Huggles to you all!

  7. I have to say I feel so bad for the 45 minute drive!! Oh that must be horror on you!

    I'm so glad that the PT is such a good place. I think that is so important with whatever type of therapy you go through.

    Lots of love and ((HUGS)) to you and your recovery!

  8. Oh that is a long day. My thoughts are with you and wish I could be there to help you through. Do take care! And hears to hoping you will be stronger very soon. :) Take care!

    *hugs to you*

  9. Aw, take care of yourself, hun. Sending you hugs :)

  10. I'm glad that you're happy with your new course of treatment and your therapists :)

  11. Kristi!

    I'm glad to hear that you've found a therapy that seems to be working for you. Keep at it, and I'll be praying that it does wonders for you.

    *Texas sized hugs*

  12. Take care Kristi *hugs* I hope it will for for you