Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hey to everyone!

I'm so sorry I haven't posted in such a long time!

I took a vacation that wasn't exactly the wisest choice and about a week after returning home I fell off my deck (5 steps) on to the cement walk-way and ripped a bunch of ligaments in my right arm and shoulder not to mention the many bruises, abrasions and cuts.

This summer just hasn't been my summer :=( I've had a bit of an Eeyore complex but I'm hoping that dark cloud is moving away.

I've finally started the Progressive Physical Therapy that I was supposed to start before I broke 3 of my ribs and got a 3rd degree burn in June, Went on vacation in July and then fell off my deck in August!

The Physical Therapy is awesome! It's very progressive and very challenging and is problem-focused. I'm there for 2.5 hours 3 times a week - this is my second week- and everyone there is so wonderful. They are encouraging and positive yet they really challenge me unlike the Physical Therapy experiences I've had in the past.

I'm back to blogging and I must say I've missed everyone and missed my blog so much! It's good to be back and a big THANK YOU to all of you who sent me emails to check on me. I really felt loved and missed so Thank you.


  1. Gosh that sucks I'm so sorry! I have someone who is really close to me who is taking physical therapy and she has had only great stuff to say about it too. I hope you feel better!

  2. You have definitely not had the best summer when it comes to hurting yourself. Good luck with the progressive therapy. I had it for my knee when I tore all the ligaments, including my ACL, and it did wonders for my strength. All you need is some time to heal. Good luck!

  3. So glad you're doing better! I've thought of you numerous times.

  4. Wow you have really had a rough time! Glad you are back and on the road to recovery. Best wishes!

  5. Hang in there, kiddo. We're just happy to see your face back in the mix. I've been wondering how you were doing and caught up on your blog the other day, saddened by all of your mishaps and medical misadventures. You are a remarkable human -- as I've said before, take care of yourself. We'll all be here waiting for you when you're right as rain. :o)

  6. OMG! You've had a very rough summer!! Glad to hear that you're doing better!

  7. Wow - it sounds like you've had your fair share of bad luck and accidents recently! But I'm glad you're back and I hope the Physical Therapy continues to be a benefit.

    The Word Fiend

  8. Oh goodness gracious woman! You are just not having a very good summer. Okay. Time to rest, and work at rehab. I hope you are doing much better now. Do do! take care of yourself. :) And so glad to see ya. *hugs*

  9. Oh my! Well I'm glad to see your spirits are up and that PT is going well. Welcome back!

  10. Should you be TYPING???? Glad you're back chick!! :)

  11. Kristi - sending you hugs! Hopefully, that was the LAST bad thing and now you'll have seven years of good luck or something wonderful like that. Glad the PPT is going well and hope you're feeling great again soon!


  12. I was supposed to start in June-3 years of Bedrest has left me weak and with no strength. With the disease(s) I have, aqua therapy is the recommend treatment.

    Where I'm going incorporates different treatment modalities that fit my needs. I'm doing aqua therapy but also doing core stregthening, balance and some new treatments they're trying for RSDS and Dystonia.

    If it wasn't for all my accidents-which is because my balance is off (they actually want me to use a cane again-no way, Jose! I'm just going to be more careful. I'm waaaaaay to young to use a cane and it makes me feel like I'm worse or more helpless and I dislike that feeling intensely!

    Thanks for all of your kind words, they mean the world to me, they truly do. They touch my heart and I appreciate all of my friends out there in the blogging community!

    You're all very dear to me!

    Hugs to you all!

  13. (((HUGS))))

    You could find an awesome looking cane so it looks more like a fashion statement. You could start a trend! :) I'm so glad you like therapy. I helped my mom with my cousin who had to go to therapy because he had a stroke (he had a brain tumor). They rocked and I'm so glad he had those therapists!

    I hope the fall rocks your socks off. You deserve something great coming your way!