Saturday, July 9, 2011



Jenna Black wrote another FAN-FAERIE-TASTIC book, the third in the Faeriewalker series, Sirensong. I’ll make no secret that I am a Ginormous fan of both Ms. Black and the Faeriewalker series and there was absolutely NO disappointment in either one! I was both captured and captivated by the sweet melody of Sirensong! With Ms. Black’s unique voice, Sirensong is told in such a way that I was with Dana throughout the entire journey.

As the book starts, Dana, known as the Faeriewalker to most in Avalon and in Faerie, remains in isolated seclusion deep in the Avalon Mountains. With a slew of enemies, all wanting her dead for various reasons, freedom is rare and privacy a luxury. Even with what little freedom Dana does get, she is always accompanied by bodyguards. Despite that, the Erlking has unlimited access to Dana and has made a deal with her for Ethan’s freedom from the ‘hunt’ but that of course, has come with severe consequences.

Dana, trying hard to at being a dutiful daughter, is at yet another boring political dinner when Prince Henry, The Seelie Queen Tatiana’s son, extends an invitation from the Queen herself to Dana’s father stating that it's time for Dana to be formally introduced at court---in Faerie! It’s an offer that cannot be refused. Dana’s nerves are stretched further when she sees her normally non-emotional father showing a tremendous amount of strain regarding the invitation.  Dana also notes there is no love lost between her father and Prince Henry.
The intrigues of court are many and age old. There is much that Dana doesn’t know but will soon find out as the journey unfolds. The one bright spot in the whole mess is Dana may take Kimber, Ethan & Keane which helps tremendously! She is still under the Erlkings protection for which there is some comfort there, for whatever that is worth. Along with Dana’s companions Finn will be there and with the help of those that love her and the Erlking, what could go wrong? We are talking about Dana so I’d say- Plenty!

During the trip and while in Faerie, Dana is accused of attempted murder of a royal not to mention the many attempts on Dana’s own life and it just gets worse the longer she’s in Faerie. There are times when she is separated from her friends and loved ones, when she has to rely on herself and Dana is surprised when she finds how powerful she really is. Dana’s compassion helps her make friends with powerful Fae; those Fae come through for her when she needs them most.
Dana’s journey into Faerie becomes a journey of self-discovery, one where Dana learns things about herself that she might never have known otherwise-Dana is extremely powerful and feared by those that witnessed just what Dana can do; Dana also learns she is courageous, loyal and follows her heart despite what cost it may have to her. This may drive those that love her crazy but it is also what they love about her the most.

Sirensong is full of adventure, mystery, love and intrigue. The plot has more in store for us then we could possibly imagine! Just when you think you know what is going to happen or who did what, Ms. Black gives a twist or a turn that keeps the story a mystery until the last! I pray that this is not the end of the series, I think Ms. Black has left us an opening for a next installment---I will personally cross my fingers and hope!

This is a One-Sit-Read, the highest honor this reviewer can give and it was so difficult to review without giving away any spoilers to the readers.



  1. This is the second book, isn't it? I want to get to this series. It sounds like a great read. :) Thanks for the wonderful review. :)

  2. Awww---thanks for commenting! Nobody saw my Sirensong review on my Blog, SNIFF!

    Actually, it's the third book and it's such an awesome series, Melissa! I think you'd love it! Could make an awesome RAK gift! ;0]

  3. The third book already!?! Oh my, where have I been? I'm really behind now. Thanks!