Thursday, June 30, 2011


AUTHOR & TITLE: Tara Hudson; Hereafter
PUBLISHER: HarperCollins; June 7, 2011-404 pages
GENRE: Young Adult Paranormal Romance


Hereafter is a haunting yet romantic tale of Amelia and Joshua. Amelia remembers nothing except that she is dead and she deduces she jumped from the bridge. She doesn’t sleep yet she has what she calls nightmares recalling her drowning, when she wakes up, it’s in the usual places, generally the same cemetery. When she meet’s Joshua he’s experiencing a near death experience and just for a moment he sees her and that’s all it takes to start this beautiful love story.

It isn’t all love and happily ever after, though. Something extremely evil lurks and Joshua’s family has strange abilities. There are many forces trying to tear them apart but will true love prevail? Is it strong enough to fight the evil force of the dead among so many other things? Will Amelia regain her memory? Will she and Joshua find a way to be together? So many others are in danger, etc…Oh so many questions!!!


Ms. Hudson writes a fantastic debut novel of forbidden love that is not only intriguing in that aspect but add in the thrills, chills and things that go bump in the night and it becomes a page turner that is difficult to put down. Her character and situational descriptions are incredibly relatable and sharp; I found myself crying at some parts of the book, trying not to skim paragraphs so that I could hurry up and find out what was going to happen-yes, it was that thrilling in some parts and rooting for Amelia and Joshua throughout the whole book. Don’t mistake me, Ms. Hudson found time to put some humor in there that had me snickering pretty loudly!
I would and have, highly recommend this book to all my friends.


  1. great review! dying to get my hands on this pretty baby! but since I lost my books in a fire, it's tough to get the books I WANT(NEED)

    tfalick at yahoo dot com

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  3. Great review, I really want to read this one! I'm glad that you liked it!


  4. Love your blog! This book is a must read for me this summer...My sister just got it home so im gonna borrow it from her =)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Oh WOW! Great review! I want to know more and what is in the family history. Oooo, sounds like a wonderful read. :) Thank you!

  6. Aw, I love the feeling in a book when you're so into it you have to hold yourself back from skimming just to find out what happens next!

    The books I bought using your gift card came in the mail this week! They're in my IMM post. Thank you SO SO MUCH!! :)

  7. I've really wanted to read this book - I've been seeing some awesome reviews for it, so I need to up the ante and order it. Great review.