Sunday, March 13, 2011

IMM # 1

This is my very first IMM hosted by Kristi at since I was sick, this is from a week ago and I haven't had the chance to take any pictures of the books I've received in the last 2 weeks. That will come sometime this week!

Here's the best picture I could take while bedridden =O]

On my Kindle: Demonglass by Rachel Hawkings;Falling Under by Gwen Hayes; Clarity by Kim Harrington; This Side of the Grave by Jeanine Frost; Pale Demon by Kim Harrison & Blood & Flowers by Penny Blubaugh
From NetGalley: The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter; Bumped by Megan McCafferty & Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini

Yes, that's my reading glasses case under there along with my nifty little tray; oh the life of being stuck in bed! Hopefully, I'll be out of it soon. At least I can read! I have a lot of reviews to post so this week will be a Reviw-A-Palooza!
I can't wait to see what everyone else got! I wish my little town had a decent library but I did okay! Let me know what y'all got in your mailbox this week!


  1. Oh you have a nice stack of books there to keep your mind occupied while you are stuck there in bed. :)

    I was off for two days this past week with this dreaded head cold and I have to say inbetween naps I got loads of reading done, well 1 whole book for those two days, but that is more than usual.

    I do hope you recover soon. :) But enjoy the reading time while you have it. :) Take care!

  2. You have some great reads there, I hope you enjoy them!

    Between the Bookcovers

  3. Hope you feel better Kristi! Thinking of you. Let me know what you think of Hex Hall. I've been wanting to pick that one up.

  4. hi! new GFC follower! love the blog and i'm excited to read more of your posts! let me know too what you think of hex hall! deciding if i'm going to read it or not!

    follow me?!

  5. Hi Everyone!
    Melissa, Sorry about your headcold! That stinks!
    Hope you're feeling better!

    Sarra, I've read Hexhall already and Demonglass, too and loved them both!

    Lindsey, I will definitely follow!

    Hi Pamela-I've read most of the books but my Kindle reads I have a lot to go yet!

    Thanks for stopping by! On my way to see you all! Sorry it's Wednesday but Flu on Monday and Tuesday and feeling better today :o]

  6. Oh, hope you are feeling better too! This weather just stinks for colds and such. :)

  7. Wonderful books! The Book Thief is so incredible,

    Hope you're feeling great now :D

  8. Awesome mailbox! The Hex Hall series, Unearthly and Clarity are all amazeballs! I hope you get to feeling better, girl!

  9. Great haul this week. I'm popping by and becoming a new follower after reading your lovely comment on Salvatore's and I blog. We also love your book blog and will be popping by when we can.

    Have fun reading all those great books.

    -Akasha Hale