Monday, March 7, 2011

HELP!!! I LOST MY FOLLOWERS! Need emotional and tech support pronto! Chocolate would really help, too!

For some reason, I changed the heading on my follower widget and my follower's all disappeared?

I'm looking for help right now if anyone has anything to offer, please leave a comment! I will appreciate it so much. The only thing I did differently was put up my March giveaway!

I'm freakin' out a bit---okay, a lot. I still have all of my followers they just aren't showing on my page. Weep-Sob-Sniffle!

GAH! I need emotional and tech support, pronto!


  1. I'm not technologically advanced enough to help, but I'm sending hugs your way! Hopefully someone else can help!

  2. Just re-add the widget i think? don't worry, we are still following you

  3. @Sugarbeat Thanks, appreciate it!

    @Cait Yeah, I tried that a few times but it isn't working. I wonder if if was because I did it using those little wrenches instead of in my dashboard mode. I was trying to add more to the caption on Friends and then saved it. It should have saved just fine. It's not like I was writing code or anything, LOL. Sheesh, today just sucked all the way around but thanks. I'm thinking about logging out of everything and seeing what happens.
    Thanks, Cait :o]

  4. That is so funny because as I was going through the giveaway hop linky yesterday, I came across your blog and giveaway and I checked my reader and I'm like, "I thought I was following her blog?" Now I know why! Anyway, I re-followed. I hope you were able to straighten everything out.