Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

Nightshade (Nightshade, #1)Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Nightshade presents a moving love story that is full of the mystic and teeming with magic, mystery and adventure.

Seventeen year old Calla Tor has always known her place. Born and bred an alpha female she is set to wed alpha male Renier Laroche on Samhain only a few weeks away when they each turn eighteen. Calla and Ren each have their own loyal pack and upon their union the packs will join and become one. Even though they are from rival covens, their union is thought to bring the Nightshade and Bane guardians together while providing and additional guardian pack to protect the Keepers.

Calla's family serves Lumine Nightshade an elegant proper lady while Ren's family serves Efron Bane, a decadent less than moral character. The Keepers are immortal, mystical and magical and they provide for the guardians in return for their protection. Calla and Ren's packs have always thought the biggest threat is the Searchers-- others that were once Keepers with all the same powers but were cast out in a war when they wanted to use their powers for evil and hence lost most of their power, they've been seeking a way up the mountain and the secrets it holds there.

Calla has watched sexy confident Ren work his way through every girl at Mountain school while she wasn't allowed to date and she really didn't mind--that much. Enter Shay Doran, new to Mountain school and the boy that Calla broke a forbidden rule for before he entered Mountain school. Shay has a lot of questions and he's not one to give up easily.

With the help of Shay, Calla starts investigating; she makes choices and does things that go against Keeper/guardian law even when the cost could mean forfeiting her life. Between the two of them, they find out that everything Calla thought she knew is not entirely true. The younger packs have been kept in the dark about much of the past. There is something about that boy that she can't resist and apparently, neither can the Searchers! Suddenly, everything Calla thought she knew is about to be blown apart. Shay also finds that his past has been kept from him for a reason and it isn't just chance that finds him living with his uncle in this remote mountain town.

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